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On the Changing Format of Vietnam Generation

The first issue of Vietnam Generation Newsletter was published in September of 1988, three months before the first journal issue of Vietnam Generation. The newsletter’s purpose, as described by editor and publisher Kali Tal, was to print announcements, letters, reviews, and other scholarly resources. Thus, the Vietnam Generation Newsletter was initially a shorter publication than the journal, generally 10 to 20 pages. The Vietnam Generation Newsletter was issued irregularly, nine issues in total, from 1988 to 1992. Volume 3, Number 2, published in 1991, featured expanded sections of poetry and fiction, growing the newsletter to 40 pages. Volume 3, Number 3, an 83 page issue, was published as a “Special Journal Issue,” and a complete format change for the journal would soon follow. Volume 3, Number 4 of the newsletter, published in the winter of 1992, changed the spelling of the publication from the westernized “Vietnam,” to “Viet Nam."

The first journal issue of Vietnam Generation journal was published in the winter of 1989. Eight subsequent issues of Vietnam Generation were published between 1989 and 1992; each was devoted to a special topic, including gender, race, GI resistance, and others. Vietnam Generation Volume 3, Number 2, Australia R&R: Representation and Reinterpretations of Australia's War in Vietnam, was the last of the anthology issues. By 1992, the content of the newsletter was growing, featuring longer sections of poetry and fiction, but still featuring book reviews, conference updates, and other pertinent information for scholars in the field of Vietnam War studies. Volume 4, Number 1-2 was the first journal issue with the altered title, Viet Nam Generation. This issue, and the next five (and final) issues would take on the format of the newsletter, effectively replacing the newsletter, and no longer devoted to a single topic or theme.

The changing format of these publications dictated the manner in which we are displaying them on this platform. The early issues of the journal are split by article, and we also present the full issue for download. The early newsletters are listed with their associated journal, by number. The last two newsletters are listed separately under the Special Issues menu on the side navigation panel. The format of the post-1991 journal issues did not facilitate splitting by article so we simply present the full issue of each of those volumes here. All issues are full-text searchable, whether or not we’ve chosen to split an issue by article.