Jane Irish


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Gouache on Tyvec, varnished. 18" x 24".

Accompanying poetry:


H Xuân Hương, with translation by John Balaban

Thày tớ thung dung dạo cảnh chùa, Thơ thì lưng túi, rượu lưng hồ. Cá khe lắng kệ, mang nghi ngóp; Chim núi nghe kinh, cổ gật gù. Then cửa từ bi chen chật cánh, Nén hương tế độ cắm đầy lô. Nam mô khẽ hỏi nhà sư tí, Phúc đức như ông được mấy bồ?

Master and servant amble pagoda paths,

poem bag almost full, wine flask almost empty.

Pond fish, hearing prayers, flutter their gills.

Hillside birds, hearing changes, bob their necks.

Crowds gather at this door of compassion,

placing incense sticks on smoking altars.

Buddha asks so little of his monks.

Blessed, they gather many friends.


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