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Spring 5-11-2021


Throughout my years at La Salle University as a dual Psychology and Criminal Justice major, I have had the opportunity to study and learn about a variety of different topics regarding these two fields. The specific field that I was drawn towards the most was the field of forensic psychology, which is why it is the topic of my research project. My project’s main goal is to ensure that forensic psychology, with some new improvements, continue to be a leading force in both the field of criminal justice and psychology. Specifically, my project focuses on the future of forensic psychology by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the field. Issues such as eyewitness testimony and the disagreement between forensic psychologists have affected the reliability of the field, whereas the mistreatment of trans individuals and labeling have negatively impacted individuals in the criminal justice system (CJS). These are just a few of the issues that will be covered in this paper, and all of these issues play a hand in preventing the field from being as effective as it should be.