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Spring 5-1-2017


The concept for this research proposal is focused on achieving three main objectives:

1) To understand the logic and design behind the Raspberry Pi (RbP) mini-computer model, including: all hardware components and their functions, the capabilities [and limits] of the RbP, and the circuit engineering for these components.

2) To be able to, using the Python high-level language, duplicate, manipulate, and create RbP projects ranging from basic user-input and response systems to the theories behind more intricate and complicated observatory sensors.

3) Simultaneously, in order to combine a mutual shared interest of History and to blend in work done within my History minor, we will be looking into a number of written works and also have in-person discussions focused on the history of computing, and briefly (and from a broad perspective) examining the effects of computing and technology as they grew from individual components to complex systems.


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