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Spring 5-14-2018


Within this research paper, I explored the idea surrounding what domestic violence occurs on college campuses, and how prevalent the issue truly is. When I was doing my research, I came across many different statistics across the board; however, I essentially never saw them as concrete numbers of precisely how much occurs on college campuses. Rather, I saw these numbers as only estimates because crimes that fall under the domestic violence spectrum are typically some of the most underreported crimes. I also looked into the research not inly n college campuses, but more on a national scale as well. When looking at domestic violence on a much larger scale, I looked into different impacts that it has on its victim, and realized that it isn’t just an issue of physical and mental impacts, but also an economic one as well. I also looked at two research studies that were done on the issue, one qualitative and the other quantitative to get two different viewpoints on the issue. My research also goes in depth on the interconnections that there are between gender and crime and answers questions along the lines of why certain genders commit the crimes that they do. And lastly, I had researched some solutions to the issue, which includes discussing what different foundations such as the One Love Foundation and The Kristen Mitchell Foundation do in helping prevent further domestic violence altercations to occur, especially within relationships.