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Spring 5-9-2017


Afro-Colombian women are marginalized in their society for a variety of reasons. This research aims to address the disparities they face when compared to white or mestizo women in Colombia. Background information about slavery, Colombia’s abundant resources, Colombia’s Pacific Coast, and the Colombian Conflict are introduced to provide a complete understanding of the prevailing discrimination and marginalization experienced by this segment of the population. The Department of Chocó in the Pacific Coast hosts a large population of Afro-Colombians, it is therefore a central component of this discussion. The fight over the Pacific Coast’s lucrative resources has produced damaging effects on Afro-Colombian survival; it has contributed to problems such as: poverty, higher illiteracy rates, shorter life expectancies, high rates of displacement, intimate partner violence, and gender-based violence. Afro-Colombian women have been the most affected by the previously mentioned obstacles because of their connection to the Chocó. Lastly, this research highlights humanitarian work by Afro-Colombian women, in order to demonstrate their perseverance and willingness to affect change in a volatile society.