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Spring 5-2017


This cross-sectional correlational study examines the extrinsic/intrinsic features of religiosity and their relevance to prejudiced attitudes about homosexuality in Christian and Muslim college students. The main research question is whether extrinsic/intrinsic religious orientation in Christian and Muslim college students moderates the relationship between religiosity and prejudice against homosexual individuals. We hypothesized a correlation between centrality of religiosity and attitudes towards homosexuals, and extrinsic/intrinsic religious orientation as a moderator in the relationship. We have a sample of 84 participants who completed the self-report questionnaire through Qualtrics. Our findings indicate that, as a whole, our sample is religious, holding favorable attitudes toward homosexuals, and exhibiting an indiscriminately proreligious orientation. The results indicate that the variables are significantly positively correlated with a medium effect, which supports our first hypothesis. Our second hypothesis was not supported by the results in our sample as neither extrinsic nor intrinsic religious orientation moderate the relationship between centrality of religiosity and attitudes toward homosexuals.