In 1993, President Brother Joseph Burke closed his inaugural address by citing a favorite quote of St. John Baptist de La Salle:

He believed that God guided him throughout his life, and in times of challenge and celebration, he was fond of praying, "Lord, This Work is Yours." But in speaking to the Brothers, he also said, "This work is ours." To you, all of you, I say, this work, this splendid university, is ours…”

This Work is Ours focuses on the behind-the-scenes stories of La Salle’s inaugurations, documenting the often hidden work of planning, organizing, promoting, and hosting a major University event. It tells these stories through the material evidence that survives in the University Archives, in the form of yearbooks, magazines, newspapers, administrative records, photographs, and even tickets and programs for the inauguration ceremonies. The exhibit includes materials from the inaugurations of all of La Salle’s modern presidents, starting with Brother Daniel Burke in 1969, and provides historical background on the arrival of new presidents in the first half of the 20th century.

This exhibit was curated by:

  • Katie Carey, Processing Archivist
  • Rebecca Goldman, Head, Archives and Digital Initiatives
  • Bro. Joe Grabenstein, University Archivist
  • Conor Hafertepe, Archives and Digitization Assistant


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