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Finian's Rainbow marks the 24th anniversary of the MASQUE and the final show to be presented by us in the College Hall Auditorium . Next year we will celebrate our silver anniversary by moving into the new theater of the Student Union Building. This new show place will easily rank as one of the finest in the east, and we are looking forward with anticipation to looking back with nostalgia.

Now that we have Rodgers and Hammerstein out of our system (South Pacific, Carousel, and Oklahoma) we hasten to present Finian's Rainbow. Boasting one of the finest scores of the modern musical theater and an unusual satirical-comic book, the show contains such diverse elements as Irish immigrants, sharecroppers, a leprechaun, a bigoted southern senator, and a deaf mute. Rainbow is a blend of fanciful gaelic myth and a spoof at the stupidity of racial prejudice, and has an approach both in story line and musical score which is remarkable for its freshness.

Veteran MASQUE patrons, we feel confident, will find in our production of Finian's Rainbow, that high degree of polish which has characterized so many of our past shows. Those for whom this play will serve as a first encounter with the MASQUE will return, we feel equally certain, as regular patrons of the future.

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