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The Masque


Theatre and Performance Studies


Growth is a word you hear bandied about quite a bit on the La Salle campus these days. Growth on the campus has many facets -- the addition of the spacious College Union, the well-equipped Science Center, and soon a new Residence Hall; the expansion in enrollment; the creation of several new extra-curricular functions; and the increase in honors-study programs. This growth is often a subject of hot debate, and this is as it should be, for it makes the students intensely aware of the presence of growth, and growth can be a good thing only if it is thoroughly discussed and intelligently planned.

We in the Masque are perhaps more graphically aware of the presence of growth than others might be, because we have constantly surrounding us as we meet and rehearse a proud reminder of La Salle's growth: the La Salle College Theater , one of the finest in the East. In its confines we rehearse, we joke, we sweat and grow weary in the final stages of rehearsal. But most important is the constant awareness of the fact that we are now able to bring the technical aspects of play production -- lighting, scenery, special effects -- up to the level of excellence which has always been present in the staging of our plays.

The most evident result of all this is the number of plays which we now put on during one season . We have increased the number of major productions to three. We have also instituted an invitational one - act play contest for the high schools of the city. Next summer we hope to be the chief instrument in setting up summer stock theater at La Salle. And for the next academic year we have in our sights a year-long drama festival celebrating La Salle's Centennial. After that . . . well, we don't know but we
certainly have hopes.

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