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The Masque


Theatre and Performance Studies


Producer's Corner
Nik Kozel, Producer and President

When we made the decision to produce Cabaret, the executive board and I knew that it would be an enormous undertaking. In efforts to make this show one of the best in recent years we searched out an entirely new directorial staff. I wanted to find a group of people who could bring new life and energy to our cast and crew. Celeste,John and Traci have done that for The Masque, and I would personally like to thank them on behalf of the entire cast, crew and executive board.

Our goal in doing Cabaret was not just to showcase our ability as a theatre group, but educate the student population regarding the time leading up to the establishment of the Third Reich. Out dramaturges relentlessly researched the era to ensure that all pertinent information was period. They also assembled members of La Salle's faculty to give a symposium on this time period.

The Masque is not solely here to provide entertainment. In doing shows such as Cabaret, we have acknowledged this group's ability to educate. It is my hope that The Masque will continue doing edgy shows, which push the boundaries and allow us, as a group, to expand our knowledge and have an impact on the La Salle community as a whole.

I hope you enjoy the show!

Director's Notes
Celeste Walker, Director

Aside from being filled with a fantastic score: memorable signature songs and musical numbers that are a choreographer's dream, Cabaret has a significant message for its audiences. Serious issues are dealt with. Issues of the search for love (in all the wrong places), dealing with loss and loneliness, critical life choices and what can happen to a desperate, and depressed nation, looking for someone or something to show them the way out of their social, economic and cultural crisis. The show will leave you humming the award winning songs and yet it should disturb you in a way that will make you remember what can happen if we don't keep our eyes and ears open and aware of what is all around us.

It has been my absolute pleasure to be the Director of this production of the original Broadway version (with minor adjustments and additions) of Cabaret. Enjoy the performances of the magnificent cast of talented young adults, a multi-skilled and resourceful production team and accomplished group of artistic professionals and CO-directors.

"Leave your troubles outside, in here, everything is beautiful.... "

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