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Act I

Scene I: Broadway
Scene II: Interior Save-A-Soul Mission
Scene Ill: Phone Book
Scene IV: The Hot Box - Nightclub
Scene V: A Street Off Broadway
Scene VI: Mission Exterior
Scene VII: A Street Off Broadway
Scene VIII: Havana, Cuba
Scene IX: Havana, Exterior
Scene X: Mission Exterior

Act II

Scene I: The Hot Box - Nightclub
Scene II: The West Forties
Scene Ill: Crap Game in the Sewer
Scene IV: A Street Off Broadway
Scene V: Interior Save-A-Soul Mission
Scene VI: Night, Street Off Broadway
Scene VII: Broadway

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The Masque


Theatre and Performance Studies


Producer's Corner

Welcome to Guys and Dolls, the first production of the Masque's 2009-2010 season! While not the first (or second ... or third) time this show has been performed on the Dan Rodden stage, this lighthearted comedy and love story is just as much fun as it was when the show premiered on Broadway in 1950.

Guys and Dolls sheds light on the idea that the opposite sexes don't need each other to survive. Ultimately, the same lesson taught by this mid-twentieth century tale has applied to our organization behind the scene. We've come together to give you the caliber of performance you've come to love and expect from The Masque. We are so proud to bring you this classic as a part of our 80th season, and to still be a strong student-run organization that is keeping theater alive at La Salle. As part of our 80th celebration, we've worked hard to re-brand the organization through our new logo and website. Don't forget to check us out at

Once again, we are excited to welcome the guidance of Carol Laratonda and Michael Borton. We knew that the magnetism they created with last fall's production of Into the Woods would be recreated again this year. We are grateful for the wisdom they have shared, teaching us skills that will go beyond this show. We are also privileged to have Joanne McBride return as our choreographer.

Much gratitude and thanks go out to all of the departments on campus that play a part in making this production possible: Administrative Services, University Advancement, University Communications, The Dean of Students Office, Physical Facilities, The Programming Center, and Multimedia Services. The Executive Board would especially like to thank our faculty advisor Dawn Wanner for the strong pride she has in her students and her dedication to helping us make each show run smoothly.

Carolyn Holl
Producer and President

Director's Corner

My first experience with the music of Guys and Dolls came while participating in the Performing Arts Ensemble at Roosevelt Junior High School. Our show choir was given a Guys and Dolls medley to sing at our next concert, which ended up being one of my fondest memories of that time. A staple of the Broadway classics, the music has managed to find its way into the CD collections of countless people, and has introduced young singers all over the world to musical theatre.

Adapted from Damon Runyon's stories, Guys and Dolls is the tale of some gamblers and their unfortunate women who try to fit some of the stabilizing factors of marriage and love into the shifty pattern of Broadway life. A ragtag group of adult delinquents, they attempt to live their gusty and uproarious lifestyles with a certain amount of ethics, resulting in a cast of characters whose mistakes and mishaps are somehow endearing. Like people in real life, the characters in this play are not entirely good or entirely bad, but instead a mixture of honest effort and regrettable mistakes.

As a director that often works in the world of realistic drama, I found it refreshing and somewhat surprising that Nathan, Adelaide, Sky, and Sarah, although borrowed from the caricatures of Runyon's world, seem to closely resemble people in my own life. The play manages to reduce the drama and torment of a love-lost world into simpler terms, reminding us all that in the end, guys will be guys, and girls will be girls. The Broadway world shown here may be simple and sentimental, but it has a bigger heart than most places I know.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with the students at La Salle again. Their dedication, energy, and spirit have made this show a joy to work on. I'm glad that the music from Guys and Dolls has made its way back into my world, thirteen years after the first time I heard it. Thank you so much for coming to the show. I hope your memories are just as fond and full of heart.

Carol Laratonda

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Guys and Dolls