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The Masque


Theatre and Performance Studies


Director's Notes
Louis F. Goldberg

Welcome to the ever charming, slightly askew and more than a touch sardonic world of the Peanuts characters of Charles M. Schulz. Speaking through the mouths of babes, Mr. Schulz was able to shed light on so many of the neuroses, complexes and various psychological grievances of the adult world, yet always addressing these concerns with humor and compassion.

What a joy it has been to bring this world to life is this bright, fast-paced musical, enjoyable by audiences of all ages. What a joy it has been, once again, to work with a fabulously talented cast, crew and staff here at The Masque of LaSalle.

On a more personal note, I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate my work on this production to the memory of Matt DeMizio. I had the pleasure of working with Matt on several occasions, as my assistant, as a designer of tremendous gifts, and finally last season as a truly wonderful actor. His presence is missed here in the Dan Rodden Theatre as his presence is missed in my heart

Producer's Corner

Peanuts is one of the most well known and beloved comic strips in history, so why not turn it into a musical? It's not just a musical; it's a jaunt into the fanciful world of a cartoon. Under the direction of Louis F. Goldberg, the cast and crew was able to capture the essence of animation and imagination.

As our final production for the 2004-2005 season, we have endeavored to entertain our audiences, both young and old, by presenting a tale near and dear to the child in us all. We hope that everyone who spends time with us during this performance is able to look back into their childhood, and remember the time when life was "free and easy."

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You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown