Red Herring



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The Masque


Theatre and Performance Studies


Producer's Corner
Nik Kozel

For our second show of the 2005-2006 season, we decided to bring you the work of Michael Hollinger a native of the Philadelphia theatre scene. This show debuted at Philadelphia's own Arden Theater in 2000, where it garnered a Barrymore Award for Outstanding New Play.

To undertake this production we have once again enlisted the expertise of Tom Reing. After bringing you A Funny Thing That Happened On The Way To The Forum, he has come back with the vigor that we have expected from him.

I can't say how much I hope you enjoy this show. The cast and crew worked diligently before, during and after La Salle's Winter Break to bring you all the caliber of show that you've come to expect from The Masque.

Handcuffs and ripe tomatoes aside, a little bit of espionage is always good for a laugh. Enjoy!

Notes from the Assistant Director
Elisa Cannizzaro

1952 was a year when the United States was in the midst of an arms race with the Soviet Union.Joe McCarthy was on a crusade against the "red scare," and Roosevelt had replaced the Mercury on the dime just as the Republicans were about to replace the Democrats in the White House. Fifty years later, the weighty issues of that time become fair game for comedy.

In this film-noir spoof filled with lies, betrayals, and mistaken identities our hope is to keep you laughing 'til the end. As the characters become increasingly confused and their plights verge on desperation, the humor of their situations becomes more compelling.

Yet underlying all the satire and mystery there is a more serious side: the relationships of three couples "who happen to love each other something fierce." As the plot thickens, the characters struggle with their political, religious, and moral values which are in opposition to each other and which threaten the survival of their relationships. Will they allow their relationships to succumb to the leaks, or will they pick up a bucket and learn to bail?

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Red Herring