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The Masque


Theatre and Performance Studies


Director's Notes
Tom Reing, Director

Lanford Wilson's characters are the young and the old, the rural and the urban, the lost and the marginalized. They all have big dreams, they all are on their way to something better, they are all just getting by. Just like life, nothing happens unless they make it happen, so it is the characters that drive the play.And just like human nature, it is as humorous as it is precious and heartbreaking. It is a slice of life on the wild side, on the lost side.

It is a play about America.

Producer's Corner
Nik Kozel, Producer and President

For our second show of the season, we wanted to add a little craziness. After producing a show that challenges the human spirit like Cabaret, we wanted to offer a little comedy for our audience. The Hot L Baltimore is sharp, witty and energetic. It offered a challenge to the cast, allowing them to broaden their acting horizons, and challenge our director's mental sanity.

Tom Reing has returned for his fifth season to help The Masque create the type of show everyone has come to expect - a great performance that showcases the dedication of a group comprised entirely of volunteers. I warn you that some of the issues dealt with are of a somewhat graphic nature, but it only adds to overall concept that Lanford Wilson was trying to portray in his writing this play.

I'm proud of this show and the people who put so much energy into it. I hope that it shows in our performance.

Enjoy the show!

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The Hot l Baltimore