The Histories


Technology is a field of fluidity; it is ever changing and ever evolving. Technology’s definition is almost as broad as the array of industries which it affects, but it is best defined as the “practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area” (Merriam-Webster). Technology began to play a crucial role in medicine as early as 1897, and grew in prevalence through the 1940s. It continues to be ever present, and almost necessary, as medicine, and its practitioners, are becoming gradually more reliant on different types of technologies in all fields of medicine. Since 1897, and especially through the 1940s, technology played a key role in medicine; as technology (and subsequently, medicine) continued to develop, so did patient expectations for the use of that technology. Their expectations were not always warranted though, as an over-reliance on these new developments arguably became just as dangerous as an avoidance of their use. As technology continued to evolve, so did its role in medicine. Technology seemed to have a direct relationship with medicine; as one continued to advance, so did the complementary.