The Histories


The Duke of Vincenza, General Armand de Caulaincourt, served as Napoleon’s ambassador to the Russian Empire from 1807 until 18111. During this tenure, he was forced to watch in horror as the fulfillment of his predictions regarding a French invasion of Tsarist Russia. In the end, Caulaincourt was right and eventually Tsar Alexander I rode into Paris as victor and conqueror of Napoleon. However, Alexander’s time on the world stage would not end with this victory. For, much as he shaped the victory, he would also leave an indelible mark on the shaping of the peace that followed. Therefore the purpose of this paper is to answer the question: “What role did Tsar Alexander I play at the Congress of Vienna?” It will show that he played a very influential role by shaping such matters as the creation of an independent Poland and the establishment of the Holy Alliance, while also ensuring the balance of power in continental Europe remained.