The Histories


The Lasalle University “Histories” Club is a student historical society born from an unending love of the past and a passion to never look forward without first looking behind. The Histories Club then, dedicates itself to the ideas, customs, and culture of the past so that in this each member seeks to preserve and promulgate what once was in hopes that, by such acts of enlightenment thus fostered by this institution, it may be again.

With love, honor, and reverence The Histories dare to remember what and whom the rest of the world has nearly forgotten.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2 (2016)

Table of Contents


The Histories 2017 Table of Contents
Juliana Mastrangelo, Caitlin E. Moser, William Gries, Jacob Hafer, and Stephen Pierce

Complete Volume


The Histories 2017 (complete volume)
Juliana Mastrangelo, Caitlin E. Moser, Jacob Hafer, Stephen Pierce, and William Gries