With the generous support of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Religion Department at La Salle University is pleased to announce “The La Salle Lectures on Religion & Culture,” an annual two-part lecture series that will deepen the university community’s interdisciplinary engagement with its LaSallian and Catholic heritage, as well as with the increasingly diverse faith traditions represented on campus and in the City of Philadelphia. Each Fall the Department will host a national speaker who will offer a critical and reflective approach to the study of theology and religion in light of a contemporary cultural, ethical or moral question or phenomenon. The following semester a regional speaker more familiar with the particularities of La Salle’s context—an institution of Catholic higher education animated by the charism of the Christian Brothers and attempting to live its mission in one of the largest metropolitan areas of the U.S.—will take up an aspect of that presentation in a formal lecture as well as in informal colloquia with faculty and students.