This series of talks and workshops united several conversations and departments over the 2014-15 academic year. Our nation’s culture of mass incarceration crystalizes a number of challenges that our students will be facing in the near future. From the effects of disenfranchisement of already disaffected groups of citizens to the role of inequality in what drives our rates of incarceration, our students will need resources to make informed and ethical decisions based on a commitment to justice. These lectures will help them consider how as a culture we may pursue justice in a ways that are restorative for individuals and communities, rather than merely pursued in punitive terms. The speakers and events intended to contribute to the intellectual development of our students as well as prepare them to be better informed voters and citizens of the world. These lectures and workshops will also focus upon the culture of mass incarceration, but from a variety of disciplinary perspectives allowing our students to see the deep connections that exist between our departments with regard to social justice issues.


Submissions from 2015


Beyond Prison: Student Research on the Effects of Mass Incarceration, Nicole Costa, Bria Higgs, and Kanysha Phillips