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Four Quarters (University Publications)

Four Quarters was a literary magazine published quarterly during the academic year, aimed at focusing the practice and appreciation of writing in the Catholic tradition and more particularly at fixing a channel of expression for Faculty, Alumni, and Students of La Salle College, the Brothers of the Christian Schools, and selected outside contributors.

Graduate Annual (Scholarship)

The Graduate Annual provides a collection of the best master’s and doctoral theses, capstones, projects and abstracts at La Salle University for a calendar year.

The Histories (Scholarship)

The Lasalle University “Histories” Club is a student historical society born from an unending love of the past and a passion to never look forward without first looking behind. The Histories Club then, dedicates itself to the ideas, customs, and culture of the past so that in this each member seeks to preserve and promulgate what once was in hopes that, by such acts of enlightenment thus fostered by this institution, it may be again.

With love, honor, and reverence The Histories dare to remember what and whom the rest of the world has nearly forgotten.

Vietnam Generation (Special Collections)

ISSN 1042-7597

About Vietnam Generation

Published between 1989 and 1996, Vietnam Generation served as a premier source of essays, artwork, poetry and other materials for the field of Vietnam War studies. When the journal ceased publication, the Vietnam Generation archives were sent to the Connelly Library Department of Special Collections. Vietnam Generation is now part of The Connelly Library’s renowned Imaginative Representations of the Vietnam War Collection.