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Summer 1962






Music Theatre


Theatre and Performance Studies


About Music Theatre '62

A new and exciting venture is underway on the La Salle campus these days, an accomplishment giving much credit both to the energetic drive of Mr. Daniel Rodden, a professional actor, director, playwright, and teacher, and to the cultural receptiveness of La Sall.e College. Of the genus Theatre and the species Musical, this undertaking is a happy combination of both professional and college talent and is intended to be part of a long range pl-an of expanding both La Salle's theatre program and its general cultural activities. Under the managing directorship of Mr. Daniel Rodden, the thirty-five member cast will perform in two musicals, the presently running "Carousel," and the forthcoming "Annie Get Your Gun." Both of these shows will enjoy four week runs, "Carousel" from Wednesday, July 4, through Sunday, July 29, and "Annie Get Your Gun" from Wednesday, August 1, through Sunday, August 26.

MUSIC THEATRE '62 has two purposes, which are not disassociated. It wants to provide an opportunity for the most talented young people we · can find to express themselves as best they can in that peculiarly American form, the musical comedy, under professional direction. And, obviously, it wants to attract favorable attention to its sponsor, La Salle College, which will celebrate its Centenary Year in 1963, and which has in the past decade assumed an important role in the cultural activities of its community. This is, we hope, only the beginning of professional theatre at La Salle.

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