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Summer 1964






Music Theatre


Theatre and Performance Studies


Our company has now done a successful, record-breaking, hold-over production of SOUTH PACIFIC, and obviously we're very happy about that. But we're more concerned about what you think of our MUSIC IN THE AIR, because the Jerome Kern play, which hasn't been presented much in the past few years, is both a special favorite of ours, and representative of a number of great musical plays from the not-too-distant past which we'd like you to see, in the course of the next few years. We of MUSIC THEATRE want to do two kinds of plays: original musicals (and there'll be an exciting announcement shortly forthcoming), and the true classics of the American musical form - plays that don't get regularly done, for one reason or another, in the summer music tents. We welcome your suggestions as to our program for the future. (CARDS ARE ENCLOSED)

We must apologize to those who have been inconvenienced by our decision to hold over SOUTH PACIFIC for two weeks. Too, we regret the cancellation of Rodgers and Hart's BABES IN ARMS, which we had looked forward to doing. Perhaps next year. For now, we rejoice in what we believe is the finest company we have yet joined together, and we hope you will enjoy this sun-lit, moon-struck MUSIC IN THE AIR as much as we have enjoyed rehearsing it for you.

Dan Rodden
Managing Director
Music Theatre '63

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