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Summer 1964






Music Theatre


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Music Theatre '64

When Bernard Shaw said, with all the glorious wit - and witty half-truth - for which he is celebrated, "Youth is too precious a thing to be wasted on the young," he was uttering an aphorism with which we of MUSIC THEATRE '64 could not agree less. As in our companies of the last two seasons, the accent this year is upon youth; talented, aspiring players and technicians, most of them from East Coast colleges and universities. They are augmented in key roles and administrative positions by experienced professionals. I am confident that this is the finest company we have yet brought together. Many of your favorite performers from the past two seasons have returned, and they are joined with exciting new people.

The next production, MUSIC IN THE AIR, is a revival of a Jerome Kern classic which has been too long off the boards, in my judgment. In the opinion of many critics, it was one of the first of the "new" musicals - the integrated, thematic musical plays which have become America's most substantial contribution to theatre. What's more important than its historical significance, it's a lovely, tuneful ("The Song is You" - "I've Told Every Little Star"), witty play about appealing and real people. I hope you'll want to see it, and that we may be able to assure your attendance by filling your ticket order in advance of the production.

BABES IN ARMS - in addition to having about the best score that Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart ever wrote - is a delightful romp for the kids in our company; and we think it's just the air-conditioned, joy-conditioned prescription for the last week of the long, hot summer. We're doing only eleven performances of BABES, and last year, many of our best friends didn't get to see THE FANTASTICS under similar end-of-season conditions (we sold out after the second day); we're keeping the box office open at intermission time so that you may conveniently purchase tickets for either MUSIC or BABES.

Dan Rodden
Managing Director
Music Theatre '64

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