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Summer 1966






Music Theatre


Theatre and Performance Studies


La Salle College Presents - Music Theatre '66

Five years, as anniversaries go, is not much of a milestone. But in this day of high mortality rates on and off-Broadway, we are proud and honored that La Salle College and 70,000 patrons during four seasons have "renewed our option" for another exciting season of summer theatre. And it is truly an anniversary season, for in this our fifth summer we present our tenth production, Frank Loesser's "The Most Happy Fella,"' a show that is marking its tenth anniversary this year. Also, it is twenty-five years since our second 1966 presentation, "Lady in the Dark," was staged by the genius of Moss Hart, -Kurt Weill and Ira Gershwin. From where we sit, and we feel certain from your chair as well, it looks like a "most happy" fifth anniversary season!

Dan Rodden
Managing Director
Music Theatre '66

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Lady in the Dark



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