Esports in Emerging Markets: A Balanced Scorecard Approach to LAN Gaming Centers in Iran

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Esports, competitive video gaming competitions, are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, with their growth in emerging markets contingent on local area network (LAN) gaming centers. LAN gaming centers are integral in emerging economies as they provide access to gaming technology and infrastructure that may be otherwise unavailable. Given their importance, the purpose of our study is to identify characteristics relevant to LAN gaming center operations within the context of an emerging market. We conducted a two-phase, multimethod analysis of LAN gaming centers in Iran, an emerging yet dynamic market. In the first phase, we used a balanced scorecard (BSC) approach to identify business factors salient to LAN gaming center operations. In the second phase, we collected data from LAN gaming center consumers (N = 330) to rank the factors by importance using a multi attribute decision-making (MADM) model. We found that business factors relevant to LAN gaming centers operations include: offering a variety of services, providing attractive and modern facilities, employing sports marketing methods, monitoring competition, and developing multiple streams of revenue. via the BSC, our research offers strategic recommendations for LAN gaming centers. LAN gaming centers provide access to modern gaming technology and help consumers overcome technological limitations by providing a physical space for esports. LAN gaming centers help create a sense of community and social connection for players and fans alike and facilitate how consumers in emerging markets connect with the global esports community.




This article is the authors' final published version in Journal of Global Sport Management, October 2023.

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