Date of Award

Spring 5-19-2017

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Technology Leadership (MS ITL)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Raymond Kirsch


Modern rapid application and agile development methodologies have been key to getting software to market quickly and ensuring that it meets customer needs. The improvements brought about by these methodologies are not limited to the product, but also improve the development process through the feedback approach integral to the methodology. eLearning, the content and technology that enables learning via the Internet, has been adopted by businesses based on its advantages in lower costs, increased productivity, and flexibility when compared to traditional training approaches. This has resulted in a growth in this area. eLearning has been developed following tradition Instructional Design methods. This project sets out to examine eLearning content development and undertake the development of an eLearning lesson using a modern development methodology to comment and reflect on the practical use of this approach.

This project identifies that expected benefits of early start, earlier first product release, responsiveness to change and issues along with the advantages of process improvement and reflective examination were seen. This project also calls to attention the importance of the design element of Instructional Design when using the Scrum approach. This project concludes that the Scrum approach is a valid and valuable method to produce an eLearning lesson.