Date of Award

Fall 11-30-2016

Degree Type

Honors Project


Computer Science

First Advisor

Peggy McCoey


The aim of this paper is to offer an introduction to the exploding field of cybersecurity by asking what are the most important concepts or topics that a new member of the field of cybersecurity should know. This paper explores this question from three perspectives: from the realm of business and how the cyber world is intertwined with modern commerce, including common weaknesses and recommendations, from the academic arena examining how cybersecurity is taught and how it should be taught in a classroom or laboratory environment, and lastly, from the author’s personal experience with the cyber world. Included information includes scholarly journals, news sources, special interest books, academic curricula, and relevant experience. By blending together information procured from these three distinct environments, this paper proposes a number of the most important concepts and lessons that one should know as they begin their career, whether professional or academic, in the cyber world.