Psychoanalysis of a Dark Knight

Kyle Wernly

This is a self-running presentation. Recommended volume level is 80%, although this will vary depending on your device and the acoustics of the room in which you are watching the presentation. I have also provided notes at the bottom of each slide (viewable outside of presentation mode) for those who wish to read the spoken dialogue in each narration slide.

In order to start the presentation, simply click on the Slideshow tab at the top of your screen (in PowerPoint). Then, click on the "From Beginning" option at the left hand side of this tab. Sit back, and enjoy the show!


This presentation is about Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman, and details the journey he takes through the films of the Dark Knight Trilogy. Specifically, I seek to answer: How does being Batman affect Bruce's psychological development? This PowerPoint uses films clips in between narration slides to most effectively portray the psychoanalytical complexities of the Dark Knight.