Spring 2021

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Tara Carr-Lemke

Second Advisor

Vincent Kling


La Salle University is an institution that prides itself on its commitment to service, justice, and the common good. This project provides a literature review of social justice education, and a possible way to implement additional social justice education into the Lasallian curriculum through a new First-Year Seminar Course. Throughout this project, I have developed a comprehensive syllabus and pedagogical teaching guide to provide a valuable addition to the First-Year Seminar courses currently offered. The main purpose of this project and this new First-Year Seminar course, titled “Social Issues: Think Global, Act Local,” is to expose students to social justice education through service-learning and high-impact practices, and to disseminate information pertaining to social injustices to better educate La Salle University students, and better serve La Salle University faculty and staff.