Date of Award

Spring 2017

Degree Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Jordan Copeland

Second Advisor

Dr. Vincent Kling


There is often a direct correlation between the access , affordability, and quality of healthcare and quality of education , which can be seen on an international scale. Education, defined both in terms of formal classroom education , as well as patient education conducted by physicians and hea lth care providers, consistent ly relates to the accessibility and qu ality of healthcare globally . The relationship between healthcare and education often results a cycle in which individuals experience little to no accessibility and affo rdability to either of these basic rights . Further, in cases in which one system is available, the other is significantly deficient in the sense that an individual cannot perform fully in school if he or she is in poor health. In such cases, a health concern may be left improperly treated due to a lack of education. This correlation warrants serious ethical considerations concern ing both insufficient healthcare provisions and inadequate education of the patient. T his project included an evaluatio n of three countries : Kenya, India, and the United States focusing on the ways in which effectiveness of education and he althcare relate to one another .