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Spring 2015


John Mackin was born in 1943 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He moved to Longbeach, New York when his father returned home from WWII. Soon after his family moved there, they moved again to Collingswood, New Jersey. Finally, his family moved to Cherry Hill, New Jersey when John was 16. John attended public and Catholic school growing up and attended Boston College for his higher education. John hit a rough page after college during which he struggled with alcoholism. At the time of the interview, he worked at the La Salle University Connelly Library. A position he got in 1984 while the library was still the David Leo Lawrence Library. John was a devout Catholic who was strongly involved/interested in political change. This is especially true in regard to Civil Rights concerns.

John Mackin passed away on June 11, 2019.

log of John Mackin.pdf (33 kB)
Interview Log

701_0038.mp3 (4815 kB)
Audio Recording of Interview Part 1

701_0039.mp3 (61269 kB)
Audio Recording of Interview Part 2

701_0040.mp3 (4718 kB)
Audio Recording of Interview Part 3

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