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Brother Emery Mollenhauer, a product of West Philadelphia, grew up in a good home where his father worked as an interior designer furnishing department stores and manufacturing curtains for the theater while his mother was a house wife. Brother Emery graduated number one in his class from Most Blessed Sacrament grade school. He attended West Catholic High School for boys under the direction of the Christian Brothers. By the time of graduation, Brother Emery was ranked third in his class and decided to become a Christian Brother. He received a Bachelor’s Degree graduating Magna Cum Laude with Phi Beta Kappa in English from Catholic University of America, earning his Master’s and Doctorate at the University of Pittsburgh. Entering the Brotherhood sent Brother Emery from Philadelphia to Maryland, Washington D.C, Pittsburgh, Rome, and eventually home again where he joined La Salle College in 1960 as a faculty member in the English Department. After three months, Brother Emery was made Director of Summer Sessions for the 1960 – 61 academic year before eventually receiving the appointment to Dean of the Evening Division. As Dean, Brother Emery enjoyed the freedom associated with the position, admitted women in 1968, and increased enrollment beyond 3000 students, which helped create a friendly rivalry with the Day Division. In 1969, Brother Emery was appointed Academic Vice-President and assumed the responsibilities of second-in-command associated with a title change to Provost. Also during this time, Brother Emery served as Corporation Vice-President. Brother Emery’s thirty years of service came to an end in 1990 when he resigned, went on sabbatical, and returned to full time tenure in the English Department, which was his position at the time of the interview. Brother Emery guided and witnessed the growth of La Salle from college to university; his story provides significant insight to the history of La Salle. He passed away on March 14, 2021.


The interview is 2 hours, 45 minutes long.

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