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Michael Joseph Kerlin (1936-2007) grew up in a row house in southwest Philadelphia. During High School he decided to join the Christian Brothers and entered La Salle College. Upon graduation he taught high school in Virginia for four years. He pursued his doctorate degree at the Gregorian in Rome and shortly after Graduation in 1966 he became a professor of philosophy at La Salle. He left the Christian Brothers on his 34 birthday but continued to teach at La Salle. He chaired the philosophy department for 28 years and won the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award in 1986. He married Maryanne Williams in 1972, and had two children, Michael and Christine. The Interview focuses on his involvement with the Christian Brothers, his childhood, his education both at La Salle and in Europe, the philosophy department at La Salle University, and his thoughts on subjects such as: University students, the Catholic Modernist Crisis, Pope John Paul II, Brother Azarias of the Cross, and the effects of Catholicism on philosophy.


The interview is 2 hours, 10 minutes long

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