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At the time of the interview, Francis J. Ryan was Director of American Studies and Professor of History at La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He was born in 1947 and grew up in Harrogate neighborhood between the Frankford and Kensington areas of Philadelphia. He attended St. Joan of Arc elementary school, North[east] Catholic High School, and graduated from La Salle College in 1969 with a B. A. in English. He taught English, History, and American Studies at Northeast Catholic High School from 1969 until 1987. He earned his doctorate in Education at Temple University in 1985 and began teaching full-time at La Salle University in 1987.


There is a full transcript of interview session #1, but sessions 2-3 have not been transcribed. The audio files are accessible below. There are no significant errors in the transcript.

RyanFTranscriptSession1.pdf (2621 kB)
Transcript of Interview

Oral History Project Session 1.mp3 (74891 kB)
Audio Recording of Interview Session 1

Oral History Project Session 2.mp3 (70408 kB)
Audio Recording of Interview Session 2

Oral History Project Session 3.mp3 (59954 kB)
Audio Recording of Interview Session 3

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