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Spring 2013


Interview topic: Mrs. Helen Gidjunis is a life-long resident of Philadelphia. The majority of her life she spent growing up in the shadow of La Salle College – now University. She moved to Uber Street in 1934, while La Salle’s groundbreaking occurred on February 29, 1928 at its fourth and current location at 20th Street and Olney Avenue. She has observed the neighborhood change for seventy-nine years. When she married in 1949, she moved one street west to 20th Street. She has been her block captain for many years and still retains that position and as such has served as a liaison between La Salle and her neighborhood. It should be noted that Mrs. Gidjunis is very much concerned with identity theft and did not wish to give her maiden name, her year of birth, nor the birthdates of her children and grandchildren. She has asked to restrict the first segment of her interview, 39:05 minutes of a total of 2 hours and 59 minutes and 7 seconds for five years or upon her death.


The first audio Mrs Gidjunis 2-25-13A is restricted for 5 years.

Abstract Mrs Gidjunis interview unrestricted.pdf (201 kB)
Abstract of Interview

Mrs Gidjunis 3-4-13.mp3 (943 kB)
Intro to 3-4-13A

Mrs Gidjunis 4-2-13.mp3 (98369 kB)
Audio Recording of Interview 1 Session 1

Mrs Gidjunis 3-4-13A.mp3 (135893 kB)
Audio Recording of Interview 1 Session 2

Mrs Gidjunis 2-25-13B.mp3 (9357 kB)
Audio Recording of Interview 2 Session 1

Mrs Gidjunis 3-4-13B.mp3 (50705 kB)
Audio Recording of Interview 2 Session 2

Mrs Gidjunis 3-4-13C.mp3 (32938 kB)
Audio Recording of Interview 3 Session 2

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