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Spring 2013


Dr. Charles Albert Desnoyers (b. 1952) was born and raised in North Plainfield, New Jersey with his parents and five younger siblings. He attended St. Joseph’s Parochial School and North Plainfield High School for the duration of his primary school education; it was in North Plainfield High School where he began showing an interest in history, due to the influences of his history teachers. He later attended Villanova University, changing to a sociology major after a year of general sciences. His graduation from Villanova University with a minor in history led him down the path to getting a Ph.D. and teaching at Temple University. In 1988, he graduated from Temple University with a Ph.D. in Modern Chinese History, at the same time finding employment with La Salle University. For the next twenty or so years, Dr. Desnoyers would work in La Salle’s history department, rising to chair the History Department for nine years and continuing to serve La Salle in a mentoring and organizational capacity. Dr. Desnoyers is involved in La Salle’s Travel Studies program, and in his spare time, he plays with the band Boris Garcia.

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