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Dr. Bernhardt Blumenthal (d. 2012, age 75) was a La Salle graduate of the class of 1955 where he majored in German. After graduating from La Salle he earned his master's in German from Northwestern University, earned a Fulbright scholarship to study in Germany for a year and returned to begin his doctorate in German Literature at Princeton University. Upon graduation from Princeton in 1963 he was hired by La Salle to begin his career as a professor of German language and literature. In 1969 he became the Director of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and held that position until his death.

The purpose and topic of this interview was to sit down with Dr. Blumenthal and conduct an oral history of his life and career as an academic, expert on German language and literature and to discuss how La Salle University has changed over the years and where it is going in the future. This interview deals with Dr. Blumenthal's formative years growing up in Philadelphia and his academic life which took him first to La Salle as an undergraduate and later to Northwestern University for his master's degree and his Ph.D. at Princeton University. In addition the interview focuses on how the foreign language programs have developed, been shaped by world events and where Dr. Blumenthal envision it going in the future and what influence he has had on the department.


The interview log has handwritten annotations by the History 650 instructor, who added proper names mentioned by Dr. Blumenthal in the interview, but omitted by the student who created the log.

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Index of Interview

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Questions for the Interview

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Audio Recording of Interview

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