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Stephen Francis Andrilli was born in August 1952 in Bryn Mawr, PA. He was born to Francis and Leatrice Andrilli. Dr. Andrilli is the oldest of four children; his three sisters are Carol (now Carol Strosser), Patricia (now Patricia Kempczynski), and Barbara (now Barbara Parkes). Aside from a few years of living in Gettysburg, Dr. Andrilli has lived in the Philadelphia area for most of his life. He attended St. Jerome School, where he finished 8th grade. He then attended LaSalle College High School, where he graduated in 1969 at age 16. He entered La Salle University (formerly La Salle College) in 1969 and graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics in 1973. From La Salle, he went directly to Rutgers University, where he earned a Master’s in 1975 and a Ph.D. in 1979, both in Mathematics. His dissertation is titled “On the Uniqueness of O’Nan’s Sporadic Simple Group.” He taught for two years at Mount St. Mary’s College in Emmitsburg, MD, and then joined La Salle University's Mathematics and Computer Science Department in 1980, where he was hired as Assistant Professor. He became Associate Professor in 1992 and then Professor in 2017. Among many publications, he is the co-author of two textbooks: Elementary Linear Algebra (5th edition) and Linear Methods: A General Education Course. In 1990, Dr. Andrilli was awarded the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. In addition to teaching math courses at all undergraduate levels, Dr. Andrilli also taught courses in the Education Department and was the supervising professor for education students pursuing a career in math education. Being a “coach” for these pre-service student-teachers for 19 years has been the greatest source of pride and joy for Dr. Andrilli. He supervised 89 undergraduate and graduate students as they were beginning to learn the craft of teaching math at local secondary schools. With his wife Ene, Dr. Andrilli loves to travel, and has made many trips to Europe, including a pilgrimage through Italy with two priests and many parishioners. He looks forward to visiting Estonia, which is where Ene's family is from.

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