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Spring 5-2019


Dr. Fred Foley, Jr. was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in December of 1946. His parents were Fred Joseph Foley and Doris Nelson Foley. He moved to the Philadelphia area with his family when he was four years old. He is married, has three children and four grandchildren. He lived in Delaware County growing up. Dr. Foley attended St. Andrew's Grade School and Monsignor Bonner High School for Boys. He attended St. Joseph’s College as an undergrad majoring in Politics. He graduated with a B.A. in Politics in 1968. He attended Princeton University for his Master’s and Ph.D. programs. He graduated with his Master’s in Politics in 1970 and with his Ph.D. in Politics in 1979. His dissertation Title was “Decentralization and Community Control in the Philadelphia Public Schools in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s: The Politics of School Reform.” His dissertation advisors were Duane Lockard and Robert F. Lyke. Dr. Foley currently lives in Philadelphia.

Dr. Foley has been either a teacher or administrator at La Salle University for almost the last 50 years. He began teaching in 1970 and taught either full-time or part-time off and on until the present. He spent much of his time at La Salle as an administrator in the Fundraising, Grants and Development areas. He is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Political Science Department at LaSalle University. He teaches American Federal Government (Principles of American Government), The American Presidency and the Executive Branch, State and Local Government in the United States, Public Administration and United States Congress: The Legislative Process.

Dr. Foley’s publications and conference presentations include “The Stormy Reformation of Philadelphia’s Politics,” LaSalle Magazine, Winter, 1974., Book Review: “Black Politics in Philadelphia.” Edited by Miriam Ershowitz and Joseph Zikmund. American Political Science Review, Volume 69, March, 1975, pages 270-271., “Community Control and the Philadelphia Public School.” Urban Education, Winter, 1975,. “Public Employee Unionism in Pennsylvania: Impacts on Local Power Distribution.” American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, September, 1975., “Community Control: The Politics of Urban School Reform.” Polity, March, 1976., “The Effectiveness of Federal Programs: The Politics of Bureaucracy,” Polity, 1976., and “Unionization and the Public Sector: The Impact of Legislative and Judicial Action in Pennsylvania.” Region Magazine, 1976.

As he is now “semi-retired”, Dr. Foley enjoys traveling with his wife and spending time with his children and grandchildren. He also enjoys teaching part-time and is having “terrific fun”.

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