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Spring 2017


Dr. Richard Mshomba is an economics professor at La Salle University. He was born in Tanzania and spent his early adult life working for the Tanzanian government. When he was 27 he came to the United States to attend school at La Salle College. While attending La Salle he lived with the brother of a local Bishop who helped to get Richard accepted to La Salle. Richard spent three years at La Salle College earning his degree in Economics. After talking with his professor Richard Garrison, he decided to apply to graduate school at the University of Delaware. While he was earning his masters degree he worked as a graduate assistant and this is where he discovered his love of teaching. From there he applied for his Doctorate degree at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. After passing his entrance exam to the University he began his courses in the fall of 1987. Within his first few days at the University he met his future wife Elaine. Soon after Richard earned his PhD he found a teaching position at his alma matter, La Salle University. He has been an economics teacher at La Salle since 1991. Though he lives in the United States, Richard and his family go back to Tanzania every other year to see members of his family. The Mshombas are active in various educational charities within the country. Richard and his wife have helped to put several students through school as well as college. Their most recent project has been the creation of a library in Richards’s home town.

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