History 650 Oral History Interviews
Disclaimer and Note on Use

These interviews were conducted by students in the Master of Arts in History program, as a class assignment for History 650, Oral History Theory and Methods. La Salle University assumes no responsibility for the views expressed by interviewers or interviewees. Interviewees signed legal releases, permitting interview materials to be made public.

Transcripts on these pages were executed by students or students' agents.

Rendering the spoken word into written form requires the transcriber to make choices regarding punctuation, spelling, and inclusion or omission of false starts, repetitions, and crutch words (such as um, well, okay, you know).

Therefore, transcribing the oral interview requires some degree of interpretation. Due to human error and to subjectivity in interpreting the aural word, there may be omissions and inaccuracies in the transcript.

Readers may acquire knowledge of the interview's content from its transcript, but those wishing to use the interviews in research should listen to the original audio files. The time stamps on transcripts aid readers who wish to consult certain places in the audio recordings.

Field notes:
Field notes represent students' observations during interviews and explain how interviewees were chosen and interviews conducted. La Salle University assumes no responsibility for views expressed by students in field notes.


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