Graduate Annual


eBay Enterprise Inc. (EE) provides end to end e-Commerce solutions for large clients such as Toys R Us, Sony, Ralph Lauren, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. EE must train their clients how to use proprietary software to manage their website. To date this training has been 100% instructor-led. An eLearning experience will improve client education and reduce costs for EE and its clients alike.

The final deliverable for this project is a single eLearning course made up of several smaller modules that focus on the EE Manager software application. The course will be accessible to clients via the EE LMS 24 hours a day. The course will be created using Articulate Storyline and will include interactive video as well as audio for each module. Each of the modules will have assessments to gauge the learner’s knowledge of a given topic. Signatures will be required by the project manager and SME before each module is considered complete. Once all modules have been signed off on, a final course approval will need to be obtained from the Project Manager and SME before the project is considered complete.