Graduate Annual


My experiences in the classroom have provided the inspiration for this paper. I’ve come to realize that addressing Christ’s irrelevancy is not merely a challenge I face in the classroom, but rather is perhaps the most important issue facing Christianity in the twenty-first century. In her book Christ in Evolution, the Franciscan theologian and author Ilia Delio, O.S.F. posits that Christianity’s survival is dependent upon its ability to formulate a Christology that both reflects and speaks to the contemporary world.1 In this space to follow, I’ll attempt to provide an academic explanation for the growing irrelevancy of Christ in the twenty-first century. Afterwards, I’ll present the Cosmic Christ as the Christological formulation best suited to retrieve Christ’s relevancy. Finally, I’ll conclude with a discussion of a few of the possible implications involved in a shift toward Cosmic Christology in the twenty-first century.