Graduate Annual


ARAMARK, a large global organization is undergoing a change in their performance management model. In the current model, a performance appraisal form documenting the employee’s performance over the past 12 months is to be completed annually. In addition, a performance appraisal meeting should take place between the manager and employee to discuss what has been documented on the appraisal form and to establish performance goals for the coming year. This is currently viewed by management as an activity that needs to be completed just to check a box of completion rather than a tool to improve performance. The performance feedback that managers provide on the appraisal form is generic in nature and meetings to discuss performance rarely happen. The company is gradually shifting to a pay for performance model. Once the new model is in place comprehensive written performance appraisals will need to be completed and meetings to discuss performance will be required to take place. Due to the size of the company (12 Lines of Business and approximately 255,000 employees globally), the new pay for performance model will be implemented gradually. The first line of business to use the new model will be K-12 Education. Front line managers within the Education K-12 line of business (LOB), many who are new to management, have not been provided any training on the basics of performance appraisals. Many managers are afraid to facilitate the appraisal meeting not knowing what the employee’s reaction will be to their assessment. To address this gap it is proposed that the front-line managers complete a 45-minute e-learning course, Performance Appraisal Meeting Fundamentals. The e- learning course will be designed to increase the front line manager’s skill level with conducting appraisal meetings by familiarizing them with preparation techniques for the meeting and areas to be covered during the actual meeting. Using mini branching scenarios, it will also address skills and techniques for managing potential emotional responses from the appraisee.