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Spring 2-6-2013


Spring 2013


The number of students living in the nearby off-campus community has risen dramatically in the last decade. As a result, what had once been a community of single-family, middle-class, multi-aged households, with a preponderance of homeowners is now a community of renters with a large percentage of college-age individuals with life style and socioeconomic differences than their neighbors. This café will be an opportunity for participants to better understand 1) the circumstances that contributed to this dramatic change , 2) the challenges that these changes have created for the University, students, homeowners, landlords, businesses and policing efforts and 3) the efforts to date to address those challenges. Participants will be expected to join with students, faculty, staff, administrators and neighbors from the Community Building Team (a University committee charged in 2006 with the task of sharing information and developing strategies to improve the situation) to brainstorm other possible ways to decrease tension and build a stronger sense of community such that the answer to the question “Whose neighborhood is it anyway?” would be “All of ours."