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There were no yearbooks published by La Salle for 1944, 1945, 1946, and 1947 because of World War II and postwar adjustments


This yearbook is being made available by La Salle University for research and educational use. Yearbooks published prior to 1978 are in the public domain. Yearbooks published during or after 1978 may be protected under U.S. copyright law and all rights are reserved by La Salle University. Please direct any questions about copyright status and use of this yearbook to the Intellectual Property Committee, Office of the Provost, at


DEDICATION: Christian Brothers in America

(St. John Baptist de La Salle and Cardinal Newman): pp.6-7


Student Council and Its First Constitution: pp. 60-61


Administration: pp. 22-23 Summer Term Graduates 1947: pp. 58-59


Bro. G. Paul, President of the University, unveiling Leonard Hall: p. 16

Max Sorenson, National Commander of the Christian War Veterans, on campus: p. 17

Bro. Emilian James (Provincial of the Baltimore District, former President of La Salle): p. 17

Bro. Gregorian/Gregory Paul (President): pp. 20, 24

Bro. George Lewis (Vice-President): pp. 20, 24

Bro. Erminus Stanislaus (Dean): pp. 21, 24, 86

Bro. Gerardian Joseph (Registrar): pp. 21,24

Bro. Edward John (Bursar): p. 21

Joseph Flubacher: pp. 25, 89

Bro. Eadbert Charles (Sizeable Necrology): p. 30

Bro. Epaphras Pius (Sizeable necrology): p. 30

William J. Binkowski, Class of 1948: p. 31

Harry J. Gibbons, Class of 1948: p. 42

James T. ("Ted') Harris: pp. 43 ,83 ,91

Howard W. Hannum: p. 43

Thomas B. Harper III, Class of 1948: pp. 43 , 84

John L. McCloskey, Class of 1948: p. 48 Francis J. Nathans: p. 51

Student Council Moderator, Bro. George THomas: p. 61

Bro. Gerardian Joseph, picture top with students and radio: p. 63

Bro. George Thomas, picture bottom at desk: p. 63

Bro. Erminus Stanislaus, picture at desk: p. 67

"Pete the Barber": p. 64

Bro. Frederick Norbert, moderator for EXPLORER Yearbook: p. 78

Charles Kelly, moderator of the Masque: p. 81

Bro. D. Augustine, picture, moderator of NFCCS: p. 84

--Photo: Louis F. Budenz, former editor of DAILY WORKER

Bro. Chirstopher, picture at bottom of page, moderator of Premedical Society: p. 87

Bro. D. John, moderator for Newtonian Society: p. 91

Bro. D. Augustine, moderator for N.S.A Radio Club: p. 92

Bro. D. Joseph, moderator for Radio Club: p. 92

Bro. Norbert, moderator for Accounting Society: p. 92

Bro. Vincent, moderator for Equestrian Society: p. 93


Mention of orginal site of La Salle, Juniper and Filbert Streets: p. 8

Juniper and Filbert Streets, orginal site of La Salle was in 1984 the offices of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin newspaper: p. 10

La Salle in 1877 moved to the Bouvier Mansion at Broad and Stiles Streets: p.11

Postwar, June 1947, McShain Hall converted into a housing unit: p. 12

Leonard Hal (donated by the U.S. Government to the University): pp. 13, 16, 64

Benilde Hall (created post war to meet the rising enrollment): p. 15

War Memorial: p. 17

Picture of the College Chapel: p. 70


Signum Fidei Award: p.16

Honorary Degrees received by James C. Crumlish and Joseph G. Cox: p. 17

Religious Activities: pp. 70-71

Dances (Blue and Gold and Harvest Dance): pp. 72-75

Glee Club: p. 82


(History of) Basketball at La Salle: pp. 96-105 and 125

--1946-1947 Team: p. 97

--1947-1948 Team (including National Invitational Tournament, 1st appearance of a Philadelphia college team since 1936 [NIT]): pp. 98-105

--Freshman Basketball: p. 125

Outstanding Athlete (Joe Verdeur): pp. 106-107

Swimming: pp. 108-112

Baseball: pp. 113-116

Track: pp. 117-119

Crew: pp. 120-121

Golf: pp. 122-123

Tennis: p. 124

Intramurals (Basketball, Softball, Football, Bowling): pp. 126-129

Clubs and Organizations

Collegian (School Newspaper): pp. 76-77

EXPLORER (Yearbook): pp. 78-79

Masque (Drama Cub): pp. 80-81

International Relations Club (IRC): p. 83

National Federation of Catholic School Students (NFCSS) [10th Anniversary]: p. 84

Social Science Club: p. 85

Sigma Beta Kappa (Fraternity): p. 86

Premedical Society: p. 87

Podium Society (Music Club): p. 88

Economics Club: p. 89

Photo Club: p. 89

Radio Workshop: p. 90

Newtonian Society (Science Club): p. 91

National Student Association (NSA): p. 91

Accounting Society: p. 92

Equestrian Society: p. 93

Dante Society (Poetry Club): p 93

Doernenburg Society (German Club): p. 93


Data initially organized by Bro. Joe Grabenstein, January 31, 2007. Data entered by Stephen Childs [student worker], March 11, 2008. Additional date entered by Jen McShane [student worker], February 11, 2009. Entered into digital commons by Alex Palma [student worker], September 13, 2012.

Explorer 1948

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