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DEDICATION: Roland Holroyd: p. 5


School History: p. 8 --Wister Woods: pp. 8, 40 --Christopher Morley: p. 8 --Great Depression/Cold Classrooms: p. 8 --La Salle's Second Location at 1321 Filbert --Tuition in 1878: p. 8 La Salle Advance: pp. 8-9 Commencement of 1874 Printed Program: p. 9 The Lettermen: p. 45 The Four Preps: p. 45 President's Guard (Honor Guard for the President of the College): p. 84 -- Rt. Rev. Mgsr. Thomas F. McNally, Class of 1904 (Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia): p. 132 --Francis J. Braceland, Class of 1926 (Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Yale University. Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Institute of Living): p. 132 --Colonel John P. Leonard, Jr., Class of 1938 (Head, Plans and Operations Branch, G-4, Headquarters, Marine Corps): p. 132 --A. William Salomone, Class of 1938 (Wilson Professor of European History, University of Rochester): p. 132 --Theodore H. Mecke, Jr., Class of 1943 (Vice-President for Public Relations, Ford Motor Company): p. 132 --Fr. Ellwood E. Kieser, Class of 1950 (Host of Weekly National TV Series on Religion, Insight): p. 132 Christian Brothers Receiving Master of Arts in Theology Degrees: pp. 190-191 Date initially organized by Bro. Joseph Grabenstein, February, 2007 Data entered by Stephen Childs [student-worker], May 29, 2008 Additional data entered by Jen McShane [student worker], March 23, 2009


Roland Holroyd: pp. 5, 27, 83, 131

Daniel J. Rodden: pp. 12, 34, 92

Robert Courtney: pp. 12, 23, 79, 126

Senator Eugene McCarthy in 1963: pp. 13, 43, 51

Bro. Daniel Bernian (President): pp. 14-15, 2, 46-47, 57, 84

Bro. Fidelian of Mary (Vice-President, Academic Affairs): pp. 7, 15-16, 25

Bro. Gavin Paul (Vice-President, Student Affairs): pp. 15, 18, 32, 51

Bro. G. Robert (Dean, School of Arts and Sciences): p. 16

Bro. David Cassian (Dean, School of Business Administration): pp. 16, 22, 43, 72

Bro. Francis Emery (Dean, Evening Division): pp. 16, 24, 95-96, 133

Bro. Gerardian Joseph (Registrar): pp. 10, 17, 28

Thomas N. McCarthy (Director of Counseling Center): pp. 18, 30

Rev. R. Mark Heath (Chaplain): pp. 18, 22, 27, 38, 40

Bro. Gregory Brendan (Director of Housing): pp. 18, 21

James J. Henry (Director of Athletics): pp. 18, 27, 111

Bro. Edward John (Bursar): p. 19

Joseph J. Sprissler (Vice-President, Business Affairs): pp. 19, 96, 108

John L. McCloskey (Vice-President, Director of Development): p. 19

John F. McGlynn (Black Box around Picture Representing Death): p. 30

Bro. Gregorian/Gregory Paul: pp. 32, 96

Mortimer J. Adler (Philosopher and Educator): pp. 43, 51

Dr. William F. Albright (Dean of American biblical archaelogy): p. 43

Stephen Spender (British Poet and Critic): p. 43

Rev. J.M. Bochenski (Director of the Institute of East European Studies at Fribourg, Switzerland): p. 43

Bro. G. Francis with Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain: pp. 44-45

Basil Rathbone: p. 45

The Smothers Brothers: pp. 45, 51

Eudora Welty: p. 46

John Ciardi: p. 46

Bro. Dominic Augustine Judge Gerald F. Flood (Centenary Award): p. 49

Edna Bochstein (Pianist): p. 49

Bro. F. Christopher and the landscape: p. 53

Bro. David Cassian: pp. 16, 22, 43, 72

Bro. G. Francis: pp. 44-45, 73

Bro. Daniel Bernian: pp. 14-15, 21, 46-47, 57, 84

Governor David L. Lawrence: p. 84

Frank Loughney, Class of 1940 (Football): p. 112

Mike Mandarino, Class of 1942 (Football): p. 112

Larry Foust, Class of 1950 (Basketball): p. 112

Joe Verdeur, Class of 1950 (Swimming): p. 112

Jim Webb, Class of 1952 (Track and Field): p. 112

Al Cantello, Class of 1955 (Track and Field): p. 112

Tom Gola, Class of 1955 (Basketball): p. 112

Ira Davis, Class of 1958 (Track and Field): p. 112

Frank Hoerst, Class of 1939 (1963 Entrant for Basketball): p. 112

Joseph Sciaretta, Class of 1936 (1963 Entrant for Football): p. 112

George Somers, Class of 1939 (1963 Entrant for Football): p. 112

Joe Smith (Soccer Head Coach): p. 113

Bill Raftery: pp. 114, 118-119

Dudey Moore (Basketball Head Coach: pp. 114-115

Ken Loeffler: p. 115

Bob Walters (Newly Named Basketball Head Coach): pp. 115

Joe Kirk (Swimming Head Coach): p. 121

Joseph Dougherty (Crew Head Coach): pp. 122-123

Gene McDonnell (Baseball Manager): p. 124

Art Condon (Tennis Head Coach): p. 126

Robert Courtney (Golf Head Coach): pp. 12, 23, 79, 126

Major John J. Conboy (ROTC Adviser and Coach): p. 127

Master Sergeant Alexander Baranowski (Rifle team Head Coach): p. 127

Frank Wetzler (Track Head Coach): pp. 128-129

Paul Minehan (Cross-Country M.A.C. and IC4A Champion): pp. 128-129

John Uelses: p. 129

Distinguished Past Graduates: p. 132

William F. Harrity, Class of 1870 (Pennsylvania Secretary of Commonwealth, 1891-1895.

Chairman Democratic National Committee, 1892-1896: p. 132

Maurice F. Egan, Class of 1875 (Professor of English Language and Literature, Catholic University, 1895-1907. Minister to Denmark, 1907-1918): p. 132


La Salle's Four Locations: Inside Front Cover

Street: Inside Front Cover and p. 8

St. Michael's (1863-1867): Inside Front Cover

Center City (1867-1886): Inside Front Cover and p. 8

Bouvier Mansion (1886-1929): Inside Front Cover and p. 40 and 52

Wister Farms (1929-Present): Inside Front Cover

College Hall Covered in Ivy: p. 11

College Hall/Quadrangle under Construction: p. 10

Quadrangle: pp. 11 and 52-53

Leonard Hall/Campus Store in 1956: p. 12 Science Building/Holroyd Science Center: p. 13

Science Building Under Construction in 1959: p. 13

Dedication of Science Building in 1961: p. 13

Chapels: pp. 40-41

Chapel at Bouvier Mansion: p. 40

Chapel at Wister Woods Location: p. 40

Plans for a Future Chapel: p. 41

Photo of Campus from the East (circa 1933): p. 52

Photo of Quandangle during the 1940's: p. 52

Photo of Quadrangle: p. 53

Hall of Athletes: p. 112


Drama/Theater: "Hidden Gem" by Cardinal Wiseman, Produced by La Salle in 1883 (Christmas Show): p. 9

1937-1938: Diamond Jubilee: p. 11

1949 Commencement: p. 12

Televised Debate with Oxford University Students: p. 44

La Salle's First Writers' Conference: pp. 46, 51

Honors Convocation, 1961: p. 47

"Class in Physical Culture" at the Bouvier Mansion: p. 52

Blue and Gold Ball: pp. 56 and 65

Senior Class Social: p. 104

Senior Class Children's Christmas Party: p. 104

Senior Class Senior-Faculty Basketball Game: p. 105

Fall Frolics: p. 106

Winter Dance: p. 107

The Sprissler Award: p. 108

St. Patrick's Day Dance: p. 109


1902-1903 Basketball Team: p. 9

Soccer: p. 113

Swimming: pp. 120-121

Crew: pp. 122-123

Baseball: pp. 124-125

Tennis: p. 126

Golf: p. 126

Rifle Team: p. 127

Track and Cross-Country: pp. 128-129

Clubs and Organizations

"La Salle in Europe" Program: p. 46

Student Government: p. 63 Student Organization Commission: p. 63-64

Union Committees: pp. 64-65

Intrafraternity Council (Coordinator of Campus Fraternity Activities): p. 66

Alpha Phi Omega (Fraternity): p. 66

Phi Sigma Upsilon (Fraternity): p. 67

Sigma Beta Kappa (Fraternity): p. 68

Sigma Phi Lambda (School Spirit Group/Fraternity): p. 69

Pi Sigma Epsilon (Fraternity in Professional Salesmanship and Sales Management): pp. 55 and 70

Pi Delta Phi (French Honor Society): p. 71 Alpha Epsilon Delta (Premedical Honor Society): p. 71

Lambda Iota Tau (English Honor Society): p. 72

Delta Sigma Pi (Business Fraternity): p. 72

Le Cercle Claudel (French Club): p. 73

Herbert S. Weber Society: p. 73

German Club: p. 74

Il Circolo La Salliano (Italian Club): p. 74

Polish Club: p. 75

El Club Hispano (Spanish Club): p. 75

Historical Society: p. 76

Gavel Society (Debate Club): pp. 44, 76

Sociology Club: p. 77

St. Thomas More Society (Legal Club): p. 77

Society for the Advancement of Management/S.A.M./SAM: p. 78

Economics Club: p. 78

Industrial Relations Commission: p. 79

International Relations Club: p. 79

Accounting Association: p. 80

Finance Association: p. 80

Marketing Association: p. 81

Caisson Club: p. p. 84

Varsity Club: p. 85

Praefectus Club (Sports Teams Managers Club): p. 85

Benilde Club (Catholic Charity Club): p. 86

National Federation of Catholic College Students/N.F.C.C.S./NFCCS: p. 86

Glee Club: p. 87

COLLEGIAN (School Newspaper): pp. 88-89

EXPLORER (Yearbook): pp. 90-91

The Masque (Theater Club): pp. 12, 92-93

Cross Keys (Evening Division Fraternity): p. 100

Institute of Radio Engineers/I.R.E./IRE: p. 101

Evening Division Marketing Association p. 102

Evening Division Society for the Advancement of Management: p. 103

Evening Division Student Congress: pp. 106-107

Triathlon Club (Reserve Officer Training Corps/R.O.T.C./ROTC organization): p. 127

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