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DEDICATION: John McShain: pp. 8 and 9


Archconfraternity of Christian Doctrine: p. 17


President Franklin Roosevelt: p. 9

Jefferson Memorial, laying of cornerstone: p. 9

Bro. Galdus Paul and John McShain in Chapel: p. 9

Mr. and Mrs. John McShain and daughter Pauline: p. 9

William E. Howe: pp. 11, 19 and 90

Bro. Edwin Anselm (President): pp. 18 and 21

Bro. George Lewis (First year as Dean): p. 18

Rev. Bro. E. Felix (Vice President and Professor of Education): p. 19

Rev. Bro. G. Joseph (Registrar and Professor of Physics): p. 19

Rev. Bro. E. John (Bursar): p. 19

Rev. Bro. D. Sebastian [misspelled in yearbook] (Assistant Bursar): p. 19

Joseph F. Flubacher (Economics, moderator of Economics Club): p. 19 and 59

Roland Holroyd (Biology): p. 20

Robert Courtney, Class of 1941: pp. 25 and 65

Joseph E. Gambala, Class of 1941: p. 29

Francis J. Guerin, Class of 1941: p. 31; John Guerin p. 85

Daniel J. Rodden: pp. 39, 42, 54 and 64 (as student actor)

Coach "Obie" O'Brien (Head Coach, Basketball): p. 47, 72, 76 and 77

Bro. E. Anthony Wallace (shooting pool): p. 52

Bro. William (moderator, French Club): p. 54

Bro. Abdon (first moderator, Doernenburg Literary Society): p. 54

Bro. Thomas (moderator, Doernenburg Literary Society): p. 54

Ugo Donini (moderator, Il Circolo Italiano): p. 55

Len Tanseer (apparently former head coach, basketball): p. 72

Bro. Andrew (first moderator, Explorer Yearbook): p. 58

Bro. Stanislaus (moderator, Explorer Yearbook): p. 58

Bro. Andrew (moderator, Collegian): p. 58

Bro. Alphonsus (moderator, Premedical Society): p. 59

Bro. Anthony (moderator, Glee Club): p. 59

Bro. E. Charles (moderator, Science Club): p. 60

Jim Henry (head coach, football): pp. 68-71

Paul Prettyman ("Best Small College punter in Nation by actual numbers"): pp. 70 and 79

Ralph J. Schoettle: p. 86


Cardinal Dougherty and groundbreaking of McShain Hall: p. 9

New Murals of De LaSalle in Chapel: p. 14

White statue of Jesus, quad: p. 15

McShain Hall Lounge: p. 16

Athletic field (where Olney Hall now is) has been levelled into a multi-purpose athletic field instead of the former three baseball diamonds: p. 17


Dances (Blue and Gold): pp. 62-63

Press Conference (Third Annual Press Conference and Exhibit): p. 66

Football [LaSalle vs. Scranton ("Traditional Rival")]: pp. 68-71


1934 Football team, "undefeated": p. 68

Basketball: pp. 72-75

Track: pp. 76-77

Tennis (undefeated in 1940 season): pp. 78-79

Hockey: pp. 80-81

Clubs and Organizations

Interracial Society: p. 17

French Club: p. 54

Doernenburg Literary Society (German Club, founded 1963); incorrectly spelled in yearbook as "Doernenberg": p. 54

Masque (Drama Club, founded 1933): p. 55 and 64-65

Il Circolo Italiano (Italian Club, founded 1935): p. 55

Forum of the Air (Radio, founded 1938): p. 56

Alpha Epsilon (Fraternity, founded 1935): p. 56

Varsity Club: p. 57

Sigma Phi Lambda (Fraternity, founded 1935): p. 57

Explorer Yearbook (founded 1940): p. 58

Collegian (School Newspaper, founded 1931): pp. 58, 66 and 69

Premedical Society (founded 1935): p. 59

Glee Club (founded 1938): p. 59

Economics Club (founded 1941): p. 60

Science Club (founded 1941): p. 60


Data initially organized by Bro. Joe Grabenstein, January 2007. Data entered by Stephen C. Childs [student worker], March 8, 2008. Additional data entered by Jen McShane (student worker), January 26, 2009. Entered into digital commons by Alex Palma (student worker), September 10th, 2012

Explorer 1941

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