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DEDICATION: Bro. Gregory Paul and Bro.


Erminus Stanislaus: pp. 6-7 Enrollment Statistics: p. 6 Class of '53 History: pp. 122-123


Bro. Gregorian/Gregory Paul: pp. 6, 123

Bro. Erminus Stanislaus (President): pp. 7, 10

Bro. Didymus John (Vice-President): p. 10

Bro. Florence Christopher (Dean): p. 10

Bro. Gerardian Joseph (Registrar): p. 11

Bro. Edward John (Bursar): p. 11

Joseph F. Flubacher, Professor of Economics: p. 18

Roland Holroyd, Professor of Biology: p. 20

Daniel J. Rodden, Assistant Professor of English: p. 25, 92

Robert L. Bolsover, Class of 1952: p. 32

Peter J. Finley, Class of 1952: pp. 46, 90, 156, 159

John J. (Jack) French, Class of 1952: p. 49, 130, 138, 157

Norman Grekin, Class of 1952: pp. 53, 130, 132-133, 138

Bro. Felix Francis, moderator of Out of Towners club: pp. 90, 119

Bro. Robert of Mary, moderator of Il Circolo Lasalliano, moderator of Glee club: pp. 95, 113, 123

Bro. George Thomas, moderator of N.F.C.C.S.: p. 97

Bro. Edward of Mary, moderator of Chymian Society: p. 102

Bro. Didymus John, moderator of Newtonian Society, moderator of Liturgy Club: pp. 103, 120

Accounting Association: p. 104

Marketing Association: p. 105

Society for the Advancement of Management (S.A.M./SAM): p. 106

Bro. Ferdinand Cyril, moderator Sigma Beta Kappa: p. 111

Bro. Francis Azarias, moderator for the Education Society: p. 112

Bro. Ephrem Clementian, moderator for EXPLORER: p. 119

Brother Donatus Vincent: p. 123

Tom Gola (named "All-American", 1st ever in La Salle history ): pp. 130, 134-135, 137

Fred Iehle: pp. 129-130, 135, 138

Ken Loeffler: p. 134-135 and 172

James J. Henry (Athletic Director): p. 134

Mario Veltre (Trainer): p. 135

Cross-Country: p. 140

Rifle Team: p. 141

Soccer: pp. 142-143

Joe Kirk (Head Coach): p. 145

Al Cantello: pp. 144-147

Tom Curran (Head Coach): p. 149-150

Frank Wetzler: pp. 152-153

Al Cantello: pp. 152-153, 155

Frank Hoerst (Baseball Manager): p. 157

Art Condon: p. 160

Robert Courtney: p. 161

Senior Officers: pp. 166-67

Evening Division EXPLORER Staff: p. 176


St. Albert Hall/St. Bernard Hall: pp. 2-3

Leonard Hall: p. 4

Quonset Huts: pp. 154, 159

McCarthy Hall: p. 121

Malvern Retreat: p. 172


Blue and Gold Ball: p. 91

Harvest Dance: p. 91

Collegian award: p. 92

Stag: p. 170

Tie Time Dance: p. 170

The Winter Dance: p. 171

Basketball Night at Convention Hall: p. 172 Communion Breakfast: p. 173

Basketball Night at Convention Hall: p. 172 Communion Breakfast: p. 173


Chesnut Hill vs. La Salle (Softball): p. 123

Basketball: pp. 126-139

City Champs (4 Years in a Row)

Swimming: pp. 144-147

Crew: pp. 151

Baseball: pp. 156-159

Tennis: p. 160

Golf: p. 161

Intramurals: pp. 162-163

Clubs and Organizations

Student Council: p. 90

French Clubs: p. 94

Il Circolo Lasalliano (Italian Club, in second year of existence): p. 95

Spanish Clubs: (Interamerican Union of La Salle College, El Club Hispano) p. 96

National Federation of Catholic College Students (N.F.C.C.S./NFCCS): p. 97

National Interracial Justice Commission: p. 97

International Relations Club: p. 98

History Club: p. 99

Alpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-Medical Honor Society): p. 100

Fabrician Society (Pre-Medical Club): p. 101

Chymian Society (Chemistry Club): p. 102

Newtonian Society (Physical Science Club): p. 103

Sociology Club: p. 107

The Masque (Theater Club): pp. 108-109

Sigma Beta Kappa (Fraternity): pp. 110-111

Education Society: p. 112

Glee Club: p. 113

Weber Society (English Literature Club): p. 114

Philosophy Club: p. 114

Praefectus Club (Managers of Sports Teams): p. 115

Varsity Club: p. 115

Out-of Towners (Students from Outside of Philadelphia): pp. 116-117

EXPLORER (Yearbook): pp. 118-119

Gavel Society (Debate Club): p. 120

Reserve Officer Training Corps (R.O.T.C./ROTC): p. 121

Evening Division EXPLORER: pp. 164-178

Evening Division Congress: pp. 166-171

Evening Division Accounting Association: p. 174

Evening Division Collegian: p. 175

Les Chevaliers De La Salle (Evening Division French Club): p. 177

Evening Division Marketing Division: p. 178


Data initially organized by Bro. Joe Grabenstein, February 4, 2007. Data entered by Stephen Childs [student worker], March 29, 2008. Additional data entered by Jen McShane [student worker], February, 18, 2009. Data entered into Digital Commons by Alex Palma [student worker] on October, 22, 2012.

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